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QHSE Policy

QHSE Policy

Quality Management, in other words, can be described by us as the ongoing effort to continuously provide crewing and shipping services to our clients that exceed and meets their expectations.

We have achieved the pinnacle of delivering quality assured services to our clients with the help of a systematic process that is structured and put into place for creating organizational participation in the implementation and planned control over operations all the while keeping a close watch on the overall improvements.

The following extract is taken from our Quality Management System Manual in which we exemplify the services rendered to our clients in the shipping industry.

We at Westline Group meet customer satisfaction by maintaining the following:

  • Complying with and identifying all applicable regulatory and statutory requirements
  • proactively communicating and establishing customer needs throughout the company
  • Maintenance of ethical and professional behavior by all employees, crew, and agents
  • Careful selection, analysis & monitoring of all the key performance indicators
  • Keeping a close watch on the customer satisfaction level
  • With the regular reviewing of policies, procedures, and objectives we are capable to continuously improve the effectiveness and quality of our services to our clients all the while making capable of refining our approach accordingly.

Safety and Health Management

Employee well-being and work safety are the top priority on our agenda. We take pride in our safety records and want to keep it this way by working hard. Safety and health programs are all about promoting a healthy and safe working that protects the interests of all the individuals associated with us. These safety standards are reviewed, analyzed and updated whenever and wherever necessary.

Crucial to administering such Health and Safety conditions and minimizing the possibility of accidents or damage is preventive measures, such as ongoing education, training and assessments of office and shipboard personnel, as well as premise and equipment inspections. Meanwhile, emergency readiness and contingency planning are in place to minimise any loss of life, injuries or damages. We maintain a zero tolerance to Drugs and Alcohol: no duties shall be performed while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Security Management of Crew and Vessel

Safeguarding the security of all crew personnel as well as owner’s shipping assets is of utmost priority. We seek to minimize maritime security risks and improve safety management by closely following expert advice on risk mitigation. Such risk advisory focuses on operational security, crisis response, and training on the action, among other areas in challenging high-risk environments.

The first stage of security is a preemptive approach that is supported by careful planning, intelligence, and real-time monitoring. On-time application of tactical decisions and carefully approaching challenges while out in the sea is of utmost importance. Training personnel to take vital and tactical decisions in cases of emergency that works towa

Environmental Obligations

We at Westline Group is known for our careful assessment of negative environmental impact our actions might be having on the environment. We take environmental considerations very seriously when it comes to conduction of shipping operations out in the sea.

We have put together procedures that could be acted upon in cases of environmental emergencies. These systems are updated, reviewed and analyzed on a regular basis that makes us capable of handling any unforeseeable environmental disaster with efficiency.

Our resource management capabilities make us capable of identifying the factors that affect our environment on a wider scale. We are committed to adopting eco-friendly steps that reduce our organization’s carbon footprint during our operations both on and off the sea.