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Westline Shipping

crew management

Westline Shipping

Crew Management

The Westline Shipping Group are Focused on giving a customer-driven redid administration, we have built up stringent Crew Management methodology with multi-layered meetings and hazard evaluation for interview and recruitment process of human resources

The Crew Manager is enlisted to go about as the senior director of all group, taking care of all parts of Crew Management the Crew Manager guarantees that the team convey the most ideal administration, planning any preparation or advancements.

Westline Shipping enrolment can give continuous team the board administrations to whole groups or explicit nationalities or offices relying upon the necessities of the vessels and sea industry businesses.

The Westline Shipping group supervisory groups have extraordinary abilities for their profession in Marine Navy and throughout the years picked up an abundance of involvement in organizing marine team for sake many delivery organization managers working a wide range of boats and Seafarers.

westline shipping


  • westline shipping vision
    We as an organization believe in the building of a successful platform where we will provide world class crew management and outsourcing services to the domestic and international shipping industry.


  • westline shipping mission
    At WESTLINE SHIPPING, maintaining highest quality standards is our number one priority. We are a dedicated lot strives for the deliverance of customized, value for money, concern free and custom made services to our clients in the maritime industry.


  • westline shipping philosophy
    Our ever expanding business is due to the amount of trust our clients has on our services. Officials outsourced by us to our customers have the highest retention rates in the industry. The overall performance of our personnel regarding managing and running a vessel outperforms others hailing from other outsourcing agencies.


  • westline shipping quality management
    We as an organization maintain certain attributes in our customer service provision that allows us to perform with flexibility, expediency, and versatility. The services provided by us are high in value for money which has been possible through the growth of service, customized solutions to our clients by minimizing their operational costs.


We recruit and train every year


New Clients
crew management

our Experienced crew database consist of

  • Masters
  • Captains
  • Chief Officers,
    2nd Officers, 3rd Officers
  • Chief Engineers,
    2nd Engineers, 3rd Engineers
  • Electrical System Engineer
  • Electro Technical Officers
  • Deck Ratings
  • Engine Ratings
  • Cooks
  • Stewards

Our database of marine personnel covers the skills required onboard for all types of vessels across the shipping industry that includes :


  • Tankers (Oil, LPG, LNG)
  • Bulk Carriers
  • Cargo Ships
  • FPSO
  • PSV
  • AHTS
  • Workboats (Tugs, Crew &Utility, Wind Renewables, HL)
  • Ferries (Freight & Passenger)
  • Cruise Ships

Retention of crew and creation of pool are obviously the two other key sectors where we invest our time and funds heavily. We carefully plan and implement career development programs that enhance our high retention rates across our clients all around the world.