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Crew Ship Management

Perfect for any Business

Crew Management

Westline Group loves the idea of having close relationships with all of our ship manager’s and owner’s departments. This particular trait enables us to conduct our duties smoothly and deliver services that enhance the smooth operation of ships with close cooperation with the crew members.

Our company also provides an optional all-inclusive Crew Management Scheme which is aimed at providing services to our clients that ensure their peace of mind. The Crew Management Scheme is an all purpose service conducted by us for the selection.

The CMS has the following features:

  • Customized servicing
  • Formulation of cooperation schemes that is unique for every client
  • Providing briefing and documentation for the personnel
  • Arranging work permits, visa and other immigration documents required for the different countries all around the world
  • ISM documentation & Custom reporting
  • Validation of STCW-95 certificate & inspection of licenses
  • Crew rotation & changes
  • Crew payroll preparation & wages administration
  • Competence Management
  • Cadet project adoption program
  • Crew loyalty & Crew welfare schemes
  • support in crew training courses and certifications according to international requirements
  • Initial screening & conducting interviews of the candidates
  • Arrangement of  fitness & medical examination certificates
  • Providing a separate team of individuals dedicated for the successful running and maintenance conduction of the vessel
  • Control Crew Management software & Customized IT monitoring (crew management & control software)
  • Creation of personal pool
  • World class services at pocket-friendly rates

We deliver all of our services by the total management attributes chalked down in the customer service provisions. This particular feature in our operational procedure allows us to provide our clients with the flexible, versatile and expedient services. We help you to gain profit be bearing most of the burden so that you can be at peace.

We conduct selection, and recruitment processes of qualified seafarer personnel with a strict following of guidelines jotted down by our team of experienced board members where checking of personal history and conducting interviews that enable us to select the best of the best.

The initial selection test for our TFM (Technical Fleet Manager) interview is carried out by conducting tests like CES 4000, Marling test, etc. followed by emphasizing on the candidate’s previous performance on the sea.

Command over the English language is an essential requirement for competence in our facility. The shipping industry heavily relies on the English language for their smooth operation at the docks and for communicating while at sea. Regardless of their rank, any seafarer while applying at our company for the first time can sense the sincerity with which we conduct our operations along with the ‘at home’ feeling by addressing all of her/his queries. Encouraging the candidate to appear in all the screening tests and forwarding the test results to the managers at the top is our top priority.

We regularly open up to our management companies for investing a few hours of their precious time and visit the offices of our selected operator(s) at affordable rates. Contacting personally to the responsible staff helps to break off the ice, bridging of gaps and build credibility from both ends. We conduct teleconferencing and video conferencing with the finally selected candidates shortlisted for seafaring at the request of the Fleet Manager personnel. As an organization, we adhere to some principles that are deeply rooted in the within the recruitment policy that we follow in our company.

Analyzing the specifications and position required are conducted by us via the following processes :

  • Evaluation of candidates
  • Verification & Checking of references
  • Selecting only the best personnel as per their qualifications
  • Making sure that the requirements of the client & their predefined objectives are met

We retain the personal details and qualification files of the personnel currently recruited both electronically and on paper. This ensures that we can keep track of our personnel regarding their employment and professional history. The accumulated data on each of the candidate under our radar consists of the following aspects :

  • Previous contracts and commitment
  • Previous work details
  • Feedbacks related to instances of cancellation in contracts, professional misconducts,
  • Duration of contract
  • Rank position
  • Possible cases of promotion

The employment procedure can be described in the following stages :

  • Contacting the shortlisted candidate/candidates and prepare the required documents along with immigration documents. The acquisition of work permits, visas, recommendation letters.
  • Conducting medical examinations of the candidates along with details regarding their medical records of wherever applicable
  • Certifying employment documents
  • Intimate the client
  • Providing the candidate with details relating to the failure of departure or confirming the same on the details of departure.
IMO Flag Vessel Name Vessel Type DWT LO Year built Image
9579963 Vietnam [VN] DAI DOUNG SEA Bulk Carrier 4376 T 90.72m × 13m 2010
9556430 Vietnam [VN] MINH CONG 68 General Cargo 5251 92m × 15m 2010
9379545 Vietnam [VN] Tuson General Cargo 6581 t 99.92m × 16.82m 2007
9560998 Vietnam [VN] TRUONG MINH GLORY General Cargo 7266 t 105m × 16m 2013
9085077 Vietnam [VN] ORIENTAL SKY/ Peace Sky General Cargo 5501 96.17m × 17.23m 1994
9591662 Vietnam [VN] ROYAL 18 General Cargo 5618 90.98m × 15.62m 2010
9132571 Iran [IR] IRAN NEKA Oil Products Tanker 6800 12.6m × 16.7m 2006
9345178 Vietnam [VN] IRAN NEKA General Cargo 6800 12.6m × 16.7m 2006
9418688 Vietnam [VN] Phuong NAM 1 General Cargo 6544 102.79m × 17m 2007
8117861 Lebanon [LB] SHAROMAR General Cargo 4366 89.75m × 14.03m 1984
9111929 Panama [PA] BEST LEADER Bulk Carrier 45292 189.6m × 30.5m 1995
9432452 Panama [PA] SL STAR Container Ship 4210 91.1m × 10m 2007
8213500 Sierra Leone [SL] Abalone General Cargo 5447 99.95m × 15.78m 1982
7208728 Lebanon [LB] Brave warrior General Cargo 6336 101.38m × 15.96m 1972
9033505 Lebanon [LB] Brave Leader Bulk Carrier 22242 157.5m × 25m 1992
7615309 Lebanon [LB] Abou Karim II General Cargo 4984 122.5m × 16.74m 1979
9016181 Vietnam [VN] VIET PHONG General Cargo 6868 97m × 18m 1990
9030759 Panama [PA] M. T. Baikal Tanker 4674 86m × 16m 1991
9438200 UAE [AE] MT IBA Tanker 7005 100m × 18m 2008
9121950 Iran [IR] RONIKA Cargo 4173 80m × 19m 1994
8820925 Iran [IR] IRAN SHALAMCHEH Cargo 3918 92.7m×15.12m 1990
9490284 Vietnam [VN] GSM 01 Cargo 4373 225m × 32m 2008
9525687 Vietnam [VN] DONG PHU Cargo 13297 136.4m × 20.2m 2009
8003058 Togo [TG] ITIDAL Cargo 4588 89m × 14.22m 1981
9346196 Vietnam [VN] AU CO 1 Cargo 6540 102.79m × 17m 2005
9621065 Vietnam [VN] Sunrise 69 Cargo 7043 105.86m × 17.03m 2011
9593024 Vietnam [VN] PHUC HUNG 01 Cargo 5492 92.85m × 15.33m 2013
9127291 Panama [PA] MISTRAL A Tanker 9025 117.98m × 18.8m 1997
9438286 Panama [PA] FALAQ Tanker 7005 99.36m × 18.08m 2009
8204119 Tanzania [TZ] LADY EMAN Cargo – Hazard A (Major) 5271 91.5m × 15.5m 1982
9008067 Sierra Leone[SL] Princess Amnah Cargo 4860 111.3 m × 18.05m 1992
9010060 Panama [PA] TAJ Cargo 10053 110.02m × 19.2m 1991
9015395 Tanzania [TZ] TAURUS Tanker – Hazard D (Recognizable) 6011 89m × 17m 1990
7613507 Panama [PA] FAIK BEY Tanker 10210 133.38m × 19m 1980
9024700 Tanzania [TZ] AL ALYA Cargo 7000 90m × 20m 1990
8914087 Panama [PA] GOLDEN SKY I Cargo 5053 103m × 17.82m 1989
8687531 Tanzania [TZ] MAJESTIC 1 Tanker 4000 2014
9217802 Panama [PA] VSG DREAM Cargo 4724 99.92m × 19.2m 2000