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Westline Shipping

Shipping Agency



Established in the year 2014, WESTLINE GROUP has evolved and expanded its operations to a range of businesses. The company is now a Port Agency and Logistical Services provider to the Oil, Chemical and Dry Fleet owners. Presently, the WESTLINE GROUP ranks among the leading port agencies in India. The strong fundamentals of offering a wide spectrum of a SINGLE STOP service for all the associated activities.


Quality Is Our Priority

In order to secure a complete satisfaction from the customers, we offer a comprehensive set of services marked by an all-round performance. The services not only meet the expectations but keep the focus on the customers to ensure 100% commitment is offered at every level.

Core Strengths

The core strengths of our business lie in the belief that all the associated services are offered under a single UMBRELLA through the in-house cells. The pillars of the comprehensive set of services are :

Technical, Legal | Customs | CHA | Taxation | Travel



Dedicated offices at all major Indian Ports (No Sub-agents involved)

Registered Port Agents at all the major Indian Ports & Customs Offices

Head Office operates around the clock and 7 days a week

Offers Port Captaincy Services to help Masters or Owners on Cargo or Vessel Operations that includes OSC issues too

End-to-end customer service on board by dedicated representatives from start to finish of the cargo operations

Qualified professionals to guide masters to handle documentation, customs and PSC authorities

Dedicated mobile phones to the Masters for free during the period the vessel stays at the port

In-house customs/Technical/Taxation/Legal departments to offer spot solutions

Immediate refund to the Owners